Wall Street Journal Predicting Warriors Sale Price may set Record

Wall Street Journal is confirming that even though the Warriors owner, Chris Cohan, has been unable to build a winning organization that the sale price will still be high.  Many have speculated that past Warrior performance is hurting the valuation but my belief is that bidders aren’t discounting valuation because Chris Cohan couldn’t build a winner.  Instead they are looking at the potential and it is huge.  As I previously predicted, a new owner will pay what it is worth…worth to them.

Golden State Warriors — Chris Cohan — $119 million — 1995

Phoenix Suns — Robert Saver — $401 million — 2004

Charlotte Bobcast — Michael Jordan — $240 million — 2010

See historical NBA Team Franchise Sales sorted by purchase year.

See historical NBA Team Franchise Sales sorted by purchase price.

Why would anybody pay a premium for a NBA team that has had 14 loosing seasons with 12 in a row since Chris Cohan bought the team?

  1. Ego
  2. Current average ticket prices $37.50/game while Lakers are $93.25/game
  3. 21st largest payroll out of 30 NBA teams – not bloated with expenses
  4. Reported $5 – $10 million in profits for a HORRIBLE product
  5. $7.4 Billion in NBA TV revenue sharing
  6. 6th largest TV audience in US with 2.5 million
  7. Old Cable TV deal under valued
  8. 4th largest Radio market
  9. Regional history of Sports Championships
  10. Regional Venture Risk-taking attitudes aiming for the best not great.

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