No Way Warriors sell by end of June 2010

Tim Kawakami offered some analysis on the Warrior deal being done by the end of June.  NO WAY!  It’s impossible and Tim blames that on Cohan and Warriors Ownership.  A $400mm deal is not going to get done in 45 days.

A source is quoted as saying:

In fact, one source with deep sports-ownership ties said today that it’s presumed that Ellison will eventually buy the Warriors… but it will have to be almost totally on his terms.

That’s bull.  Ellison is good but he’s not the only game in town.  The Warriors have sucked for 13 years but the NBA and/or basketball must be the fastest growing sport in the World and the SF Bay Area is an awesome sports area.  Lots of people and groups with money know this and they will pay Cohan what it is worth….worth to them.

Nobody is talking about this “Chinese group of business men” but I have them as the wild card.  Ever heard of Li Ka Shing?  The Chinese love hoops and here is their chance to join the NBA in one of the most Asian Friendly cities in the world.


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