Ellison still in the mix for buying Warriors – SF Gate

San Francisco Chronicle on SF Gate is reporting that Ellison is still in the mix.  Sounds like he did the prudent move to keep his hat in the ring which was to formally submit his standing $315 million offer to buy the Warriors.

Like other recent news stories from ESPN and NY Daily News, nobody has any solid sources.  Galatioto is doing a good job of controlling leaks.  Last thing he wants is a bad leak cause him to knock $100 million off the sale price.  He’ll control the sound bytes to maximize the money.

A surprise bidder is mentioned as the San Francisco Giants.  To date it seemed like the SF Giants were telling potential bidders that they would gladly participate or help, etc.  However, the SF Chronicle article is suggesting that the SF Giants placed a bid to buy the Warriors.

The only thing I’ll directly quote from the article is an NBA source saying:

“The fans aren’t going to be unhappy.”


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