ESPN says Bids due in all week

ESPN reporting what has been said all along which is that bids are due this week and the team is expecting 4 to 5 offers.  This differs from a rumored 10 and from Sunday night’s NY Daily News saying 13.

Hard to believe nobody at NBC has any inside info.  The only thing ESPN quotes as insider information is:

“The Golden State Warriors will begin accepting bids on the franchise starting Monday, and four or five groups are expected to make offers at some point, a league source told ESPN The Magazine’s Ric Bucher on Sunday.”

They discuss Larry Ellison and even show a photo of Larry looking sporty but NO substance to the article. It will be interesting to see who gets the real scoop.

The best part of the ESPN article was found in the comments.  Below is obviously a comment from a Warriors fan:

if Ellison becomes the new owner i believe he’ll go after Bosh, Wade or even LJ.
I believe LJ is a long shot but Bosh is a easy target.

Bosh, Curry, and we need to trade Ellis for one big. Maybe Bynum i’m sure LA will love to have point guard like Ellis.
Ellis is not a true point guard but you can also say that about Fisher.

With Bynum, Bosh, Auze, and Curry it’ll be very entertaining to watch this team.
With that said:
Center: Bynum
PF: Bosh
SF: Marrow
SG: Auze
PG: Curry


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