Chinese Businessmen interested in buying Warriors – Ellison a Stalking Horse

NY Daily News is reporting that Chinese Business men are bidding on the Warriors.  Magic Johnson also rumored to be bidding and is probably partnered with the 24 Hour Fitness founder.  A NFL owner also being mentioned.

This news broke just after the Warriors ticketing staff finished their seat selection day.  The ticket sales guys probably left the building after 7 pm and hours later NY post breaks this story.  Certainly well timed with a few seats left and with the draft ping pong balls being picked tomorrow May 18.

The same article says Ellison did not place a bid but he doesn’t have to in my opinion.  His offer is in and he’ll get word of the situation.  He has to be the stalking horse in buying the Warriors.  This NY Daily News must be a leak, if it is true, and thus the straight face talk of over $500mm while Ellison bid $315mm.  It’s worth what it’s worth and whoever pays that much is going to want to win.

Just Win and the new owner will make money.


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